Monday, February 9, 2015

Who are you most likely to reveal yourself to?

Who are you most likely to reveal yourself to?
A lot of times in my heart and in my mind I desire to be known by others. I want people to know who I am, what I like to do and everything about me. Even know this is my desire I don't reveal myself to all that many people. I want to be known, but I want to be deeply known. I reveal myself and who I am to those who have taken the time to get to know me and invest in a relationship with me.
I feel if we go around trying to be known by too many people we get worn out and torn down. Disclosing our-self to a lot of people can take a toll on us. I feel there comes a time in our lives where we start to make the choice of who in our lives get to know the true us. This is a time where lifelong friendships are formed. Friendships that will lead us to be a better us. True friendship calls us on to be better people, they look out for us and they also hold us accountable.
A true friend is someone who accepts you. They don't always have to understand you as a person. They might not even understand themselves at times so how are they suppose to understand you!
How can I be a better friend to those whom I care deeply about and desire to know more?
Who are you most likely to reveal yourself to?

"A friend is a friend at all times;"
Proverbs: 17:17a

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