Sunday, March 22, 2015

Always Moving

Here we are in a world that is always moving. It seems that everything continues to go faster and faster. As things get faster the more impatient we become. It creates a desire for everything to be give to us instantaneously. While applying for jobs as the school year comes to an end I have noticed that it is a process that takes time and effort, it is a tiring process. A process that I wish could be done in an instant but rather it takes time and perseverance. It requires motivation. It is not something that will be handed to me without work.
The process has reminded me that just because society is always moving in multiple directions so fast I have to take the time to slow down. Not just with my applying to jobs but slow down and take in what is going on in my daily life. To take note of the important things in my life. Not to always be on the go. I need to slow down even when the world around me is trying to move faster and faster.

The world around us is moving so fast, we have to slow down in order to capture the different moments of our lives.  

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