Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ears To Listen

It seems that all the time we are always on the go. We are off to the next thing with days that are full of school, work, play, and everything else. By the time we get done for the day, we sit down relax and just like that it's time for bed, and we do it all over again. I find often that as we go faster and faster we don't take the time to sit down and listen. I feel that the people in this world are just longing to have someone to listen to them talk. We all have good things to say, we have things to say that are on our mind, we have things to say that we have to get off our chest. Let us remember to take time and listen to one another. People are dying for someone to listen to them. Look at how much technology that our world is using. It's a cry to be heard and a cry to be known. But how much can one learn about another if they are not face to face with them? Seek out your friends and spend intentional time listening and speaking to one another.
With this busy life when we don't even take time to listen to those around us how much time are we spending listening to God. He wants to make straight our ways and to guide us. Invite Him into your life again and again each day. Take time to listen. Let our hearts be set on fire by what are ears are taking in.

Luke 24:8 "And they remembered his words"

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